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In this very useful article, get tips on how to incorporate fitness and movement into your child’s life. The author provides valuable ideas on how to add activities like yoga, jumping rope, and movement-based play to reduce the chances that your children will struggle with obesity later in life.

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It took me more than 20 years to really understand the difference between how my body looks and how my body performs. It was a painful, emotional, and often difficult journey. Today, I’m proud to say that I think of myself as strong, not skinny; as healthy, not hot.

As a fitness professional and a Type A mom, it’s in my nature to try to explain to my daughter why it’s so important to respect our bodies by eating well and working out. After all, as a society we’re facing increasing rates of both adult and childhood obesity, and decreased time spent moving our bodies. Read Family Friendly Fitness

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Tips for Family Friendly Fitness at Any Age
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