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Psychologist and blogger Dr. Christina Hibbert teaches you a new way to think about self worth and self esteem – called the The Pyramid of Self-Worth. The Pyramid of Self-Worth is about building your own self-worth by digging down into your soul. Learn how to base your self worth on who you already are, instead of a false self or “ego.”

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Several years ago, in my psychology practice, I began to wonder, “How can I help my clients feel their true worth and value?” For years, women and men had come in with various problems for which they were seeking help—relationships, depression, anxiety, fears, addictions—but underlying each of these “issues” was a bigger one—low self-esteem, or what I call “a poor sense of self-worth.” They may have thought they were struggling with anxiety, but really there was a deep sense they could do nothing right; or they thought they were “a recovering perfectionist,” but really they were terrified they just weren’t good enough. Yes, self-esteem and self-worth are core issues for most of us, at one point or another.

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Feeling More Self-Esteem – The Pyramid of Self-Worth
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