Single Motherhood by Choice: Going it Solo Divorce & Single Parenting


A mother tells her story of having a baby on her own and provides resources for women considering single motherhood by choice.

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I am a single mother by choice. No, I am not crazy. Yes, it is a lot of work. No, I have no regrets. Yes, I’m completely and madly in love with my son. I had thought about having a child on my own since my early thirties. It’s not how I imagined I would have a family when I was younger, but my reality is that I’m just not a relationship girl, and I never have been. I

have dated over the years, but nothing ever stuck. And so I found myself staring at 40 on the horizon with my ovaries persistently reminding me that they were there and they would like to be put into service, thank-you-very-much. Read Single Motherhood by Choice: Going it Solo

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Single Motherhood by Choice: Going it Solo
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