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Understand all symptoms of postpartum depression, including the less-than-obvious signs that can cause depression to go undiagnosed. Depression is a subtle attacker. Pamphlets at the doctor’s office usually make us believe that crying or lack of bonding are the only tell-tale signs.  Learn what else to look for and how to know if you may be suffering from postpartum depression in this post.

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One out of every five new mothers this year will be diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. And new research is confirming what many leading PPD experts have long believed: that many, many women suffering from PPD are still not being diagnosed, not receiving adequate help. This may leave you wondering: how can it be that, with at least 20 percent of mothers suffering from the same condition, we let the others slip through the cracks? Wouldn’t a depressed mom’s doctors, friends, and family members be able to tell that something was wrong?

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What Postpartum Depression Actually Looks Like
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